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Devin Williams|16 years old|Straight|Quiet|FC: Jawan Harris

Devin Raymond Williams is a straight A kinda guy. He’s from West Virginia. Focuses on school work. Work first, Life later. He is very quiet and doesn’t talk unless spoken to and even when he’s spoken to, he’s very shy. He secretly has a big crush on Candace who is completely opposite of him. Nor does she even give him the time of day. He often stays home and avoids trouble. He hasn’t gotten into many fist fights, but he takes boxing classes just in case. He’s actually really sweet but he never lets anyone get to know him for hem to realize that. He has his secrets, but you’ll find out later.

Song: Okay by Wallpaper.

those applying for Devin, try to make your URL DevinWilliams.tumblr.com thank you :)

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